Unleashing Brilliance. Transforming Minds. Achieving the Unforgettable.

Built upon the foundation of innovation in learning and a commitment to exceptional achievements, Elevare London is a pioneering education advisory and teaching company, working with the world’s most discerning families across the globe.

We help children and teens from around the world to gain acceptance into the most prestigious schools and universities in the United Kingdom, with unrivalled success rates.

We are strategic, discreet and goal oriented in our approach, working with students of all ages. We aim to develop our students to be happy and confident life long learners, who are empowered and equipped with the mental toolkit necessary to achieve their academic goals.

The Elevare MethodTM

The Elevare Method is informed by psychology and pedagogy: since 2010, 100% of our students have won places in their first choice schools including England's most exclusive and competitive day and boarding schools.

100% of Russell Group applicants and 88% of our Oxford and Cambridge applicants have enjoyed winning places in their desired colleges and universities.

At Elevare, we believe that accelerating the rate of learning is the best route to elevating a child or teen to their peak performance levels, thus best positioning them to outperform the competition and achieve their academic goals.

The Elevare Method is based on empirical evidence, and elevates pupils to be their most confident, high achieving and creative selves. When we fully unleash their potential using the methodology, our students make progress at a truly remarkable rate.

*Results as of September 2017